Call her, Felista Nya Uyu Dumbo

By: Cyrus Bengo

The spirits of Felista Nya Uyu , a Malawian comedian of the time, has taken her to Ken Dumbo a Zambian comedian as the two are about to exchange marital vows before God, so that only death will separate them.

When those in comedy business are to be mentioned , Felista Nya Uyu’s name will not be found missing .The pretty comedian is a big player in comedy and has set the trend that keeps her ahead of the competitors.

In an interview with Akometsi , Felista President of Vilekeke kingdom said what the two are doing is not a comedy as their hearts rances for each other. Asked what was her specs , rich , dark clasy guy or handsome Felista said , she didn’t know about all those characters untill this reporter mentioned them .

” I look at happiness, I look at deep things beyond looks. There is more to love than how someone looks, yes that plays a role too but at my stage right now i can’t fall for a man just because he is good looking. I look at how connected I am to a man, is there friendship? Is there love? Do we have things in common? “.

A holder of bachelors in business adminstration narrated that she never choosed comedy, rather it chose her .

” In fact I am comedy, what I did was simply to accept my calling as a comedian. I love my calling because I love seeing people happy, it makes me feel good. I know what it means to be sad, depressed and unhappy. That is why I had to take a step and help people terminate their stress and depression because honestly we are living in a generation full of broken and lonely people.” Said Nya Uyu.

Nya Uyu dares it all that her uniqueness has handsomely awarded her .

“What is needed is to always be yourself and not imitate others, be different
and creative and above all never be shaken or drawn back with people’s opinions. Learn from critics but not from every critic because some come simply to drain you” said Nya Uyu.

Felista Nya Uyu and Ken Dumbo have been posting videos and writing love post on their pages for each other , in one of the post Felista said she never knew that the prince of charming do exist until she met Ken Dumbo .

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