Schools reopening soon: PEAs trained to train brilliant teachers on corona virus management

Inside sources at the ministry of education, science and technology have confided in Akometsi that schools are reopening shortly in the country.

Recently, according to the informants, the ministry conducted training sessions with all primary education advisors on how corona virus can be contained within the school’s environment.

“By design, those primary education advisors will thereafter train brilliant teachers at zonal level on the same,” said the ministry official on strict condition of anonymity.

He added: ” trained teachers are expected to train community leaders who will thereafter train others in their localities on how they can together manage to balance right to life with right to education. “

With the closure of schools in March this year, a lot has been happening. More alarming have been reports of learners, especially girls, getting married or nursing early pregnancies.

“The ministry is aware of this and apparently, this might have compelled them to try everything possible to get back children to school any time soon,” added the informant.

It has been established by akometsi that in all zones across the northern region, training sessions on corona virus management are ongoing.

Conversely, the teachers union of Malawi (TUM) earlier put forward its stance on requirements the ministry of education has to, first meet, before teachers are allowed to resume teaching.

“Risk allowances and personal protected equipments must be guaranteed if we’re to allow our teachers to resume work. Failure which, teachers are not going back to schools,” said Charles Kumchenga, Teachers union of Malawi senior official.

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