MANEB urged to release PSLCE fast to defeat looming early marriages

By: Staff Writer

Local education authorities in Nkhatabay have urged the Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) to speed up the release of Primary School Leaving Certificate exams (PSLCE).

In an interview, school management chairperson for Tuwanda Primary school in the district, James Banda, disclosed that most learners who were rescued from marriages to sit for the exams are fast returning to their husbands.

Banda said, this is a clear indication that should MANEB delay to release results for this year’s exams, more students will learn of their results in marriages.

“We rescued many girls from marriages because we wanted them to still sit for the exams,” he said.

“We’re glad,” he added. “They sat for the exams but then, we’re shocked to learn of their mass exodus to their marriages just some days after writing the exams.”

According to Banda, “MANEB must release the exam results quickly to avoid more disaster.”

Over 100 thousand learners sat for this year’s PSLCE which was rescheduled from May to September due to adverse effects of Corona virus.

Akometsi wanted to get the views from MANEB on the plea made by the locals but there was no immediate response from officials from the board till publication of this article.

However, records show that the board releases exams after 90 days from the last day of exams administration.

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