Journalists urged to present collect information about Covid-19

By Duncan Kaonga

Northern region based Nyika Media Club chairperson, Joseph Mwale has called on journalists in the country to be accurate when disseminating messages to do with Coronavirus in their respective media houses.

Mwale said this during a training which was organized by SOS Mzuzu Children’s Village on issues to do with Covid-19.

The chairperson said every journalist is entitled to present up to date information to the citizens and help in safe guarding lives.

“We as jounalists must remain truthful, we have a challenge that we have so many information coming out, people out there believe that if such a media house says some information it’s truthful so if we present not collect information people tend to believe us and that is disastrous.”

“The media we ought to tell the people the truth that Covid-19 is real and some are dying of the pandemic, we have to remind them about the presetinve measures, we have to keep track of every effort the private and public sector have been doing, we have to trace where every kwacha is going in terms of dealing with the pandemic, so the media we hold that serious role,” Said Mwale

Mwale also added that the sectors which are dealing with the pandemic should not leave out journalists because they are important in disseminating messages to the public and should be included in the task forces.

“There has been a serious omission of people who disseminate information so we want that when they are coming up with programs they should consider the media when you want them to cover your events they will not cover when they are affected and all interventions have to go to them as well,” he said.

In his remarks programs director of SOS Children’s Villages Malawi for Mzuzu program, George Kondowe said the journalists play a big role in informing the public that is why they targeted them for the training.

“It’s important for them to have a deeper understanding about Covid-19 because there is a lot of misinformation going on and we know that journalists are at the center of desseminating information so although different organization are undertaking various activities on awareness.”

If journalists are empowered to have the information then it means they will be able to reach out to many people and help to chip out the misunderstandings and therefore people will be able to understand what information to us,” said Kondowe

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