IPTE 12 cohort demands arrears, forming new Union

By: Staff Writer

Teachers under the Initial Primary Teacher Education (IPTE) cohort 12 have resurfaced demands for their November arrears with fierce threats that they are ready to deal with all crooks in the education sector.

According to the cadre, there are many crooks in education department who have been capitalizing on teachers patience by tampering with their entitlements.

In an interview on Friday, leader for the concerned cohort in the northern region, Geoffrey Nyirongo, described the delays in receiving their November arrears as disgusting and unbecoming of the human resource team at the Capital hill.

Nyirongo who also heads the newly cropping teachers union in the northern region disclosed that they have written ministry of education and all relevant stakeholders on their issue and are waiting for feedback before October end.

“After that, we’ll take to thr streets and demonstrate to the world how government sidelines us, teachers. It’s not fair. From November up to now, still no arrears have been given to us and nothing is said. We are ready to fight for our entitlements,” he said.

The cadres were recruited on November 4, 2019 and had only began receiving their salaries for December.

Asked to shed more light on the formation of the new Union, Nyirongo said it is normal to have as many unions as they want citing that in other countries like Zambia, there are more than six unions.

“Its strange in Malawi but then, its normal. People have the right to form unions just as they have the right to join a Union of their choice,” he said.

“Truth be told. People are tired of this old Union which is more of a toothless bulldog. They need a union that can fight for them. We have more problems in our department that needs to be fixed,” he added. “Talk of promotions, salaries and all that. This other Union has failed to address all these in years it has existed.”

Akometsi sent questionaire to Ministry of education authorities who referred us to treasury where they informed us that issues of arrears for all civil servants are being worked on.

There was no immediate response from TUM on the looming rival of the primary school teachers union of Malawi (PSTUM).

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