Covid exposes more rot in education sector: academia brands nyalonje ‘clueless’

By: Staff Writer

The decision by the Malawi government to reopen schools amid corana virus pandemic has exposed more rubbish in the ministry of education which keeps on dogging the performance of the most critical ministry.

Akometsi have established that most schools are failing to adhere to corona virus safety measures due to, among other things, understaffing and inadequate learning shelters.

In a circular addressed to education managers seen by this publication, the ministry in conjunction with the taskforce on the virus directs school authorities to see to it that learners observe social distancing and that they wear protective equipments when in school.

The circular further pleads with education managers to make sure learners attend classes in shifts.

“Learners in standard 1,2,3 and 4 will be taking turns. They must not be attending schools everyday. When others are in school. See to it that others are at home,” reads the circular in part.

This means that learners in these classes will only attend schools for five of the ten weeks set aside by the ministry for this term.

“The term has a total number of ten weeks from October 12th. We’ll close on December 18th. So, with the arrangement stated in the circular,” clarified one of the headteachers at a school in Mzuzu. “It means these learners will only learn for five weeks and sit for the final exams.”

Unfortunately, according to the headteacher, these learners will have to be promoted to another class based on the work covered within the stated five weeks.

“Even planning for the term remains an uphill task. There’s just too much workload to be covered in these few weeks,” he complained on strict condition of anonymity.

During a snap survey, akometsi established that much as the learners are told to be reporting for school in phases, the major challenges includes, but not limited to, understaffing and inadequate classrooms.

At Mchengautuwa Primary school just like Chibavi and Zolozolo, teachers had to split learners into 1000 streams of 25 and due to understaffing other learners were left unattended to.

Due to inadequate classrooms. Other learners were seen scrambling for spaces under trees a thing which, as rains loom, puts progression of lessons into serious questions.

It was reported in the local media that the minister of education, Agnes Nyakonje had toured other schools to appreciate how they have began the schools where she described the recommencement as good.

To members of the academia. The ministry demonstrated high levels of incompetence and false glow henceforth, she needs to resign.

Jeremiah Chisizah of the university of livingstonia told Akometsi in an interview that Nyalonje is not fit to head such a critical ministry because she’s clueless.

“Its a ministry that shapes the nation. We need someone who can move things here. As for her, I believe she doesn’t know where to start from,” he fumed.

“Infact,” he added. “Nyalonje has scored zero in her 100 days in office.”

Meanwhile, akometsi understands that most schools have no necessary equipments for preventing and tracking the virus.

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