We need to localize the process of monetizing art – Gospel Kazako

Minister of Information Gospel Kazako says there is a need to localize the process of monetizing art in the country to benefit local content producers such as TVs and performing arts.

The Minister explained this during a phone interview with Akometsi.

He said before the country can rush to international money making platforms such as Netflix or Showmax, it would be ideal to put local measures money making measures first.

“There are times when we complain that we get low quality content from content makers, but it usually we will understand that we do not pay for most local content. If we continue to make our industry pro-bono, there will be no progress at all,” said the Minister.

“We need to look at what will be there motivation before we start talking at international ways of monetizing content because some of these can be unfamiliar to most people. For example, take Mibawa or Joy TV, they make very good series that everybody wants to watch. What if we changed their TV licenses from Free-To-Air (FTA) to Conditional-Access (CA) so they can sell decoders and get subscribers,” he explained, adding that, “audiences must have a choice to either consume free content or opt for channels they can pay. Similarly, content producers should also be allowed to challenge the audience. As society we should not be afraid of venturing into new territories especially those that have the potential to provide a better life for all.”

Most Malawi TVs are on free to air and do not charge or sell decoders for subscription. This has resulted in the industry facing growth challenges. The new government has promised to explore possible ways of making sure that local content producers are rewarded.

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