MRA upbeat on VCW as Covid-19 stings

The country’s tax collecting body, MRA, says its Voluntary Compliance Window (VCW) is operational.

Through the VCW, taxpayers with arrears and those who have not been tax compliant will be allowed to settle their tax obligations without paying penalty, interest and even any charges.

This is set as a government’s response to Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a Press Release issued in today’s local papers, baring the name of Commissioner General John Biziwick, the VCW aims at providing relief to business on top of increasing Voluntary Tax Compliance.

It further mentions that this is due to huge negative impact the infection has on the economy and businesses in the country.

Meanwhile, all businesses, corporate organizations and individuals are asked to apply much as they eligible.

[And] among other eligibilities include being registered (by MRA) but have not been filling Tax Return(s) and Taxes Due respectively.

Those who have registered with the body but have been filling incorrect returns, and too, those who have not been declaring imports (smuggling) are also encouraged to do the action.

The Window runs for 6 months, thus, from April to October this year.

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