Minister Gospel Kazako says he will not celebrate data reduction

Minister of Information Gospel Kazako says he will not celebrate data reduction by TNM until he hears and understands people’s reaction over the development.

TNM’s Chief Executive Officer Michiel Buitelaar announced that the company has reduced data price for pay-as-you with 70 percent. He made the announcement on Friday in Lilongwe when the company launched it’s new 4G smartphone.

However, speaking to, Information Minister Gospel Kazako said he will not celebrate until he hears the reaction of users.

“We did this on behalf of the people so I will not start to celebrate until I hear the experience of the data users because that will determine how we move forward, but it is a good thing that the journey towards having affordable data in the country has started. That is what matters.”

“The people complained and as government we stood with them. We are glad that our mobile operators have taken a step towards making data affordable. I am just not yet celebrating until I hear from the people we represented,” said the minister.

Zubeir Morta, one of the organizers of the Data Must Fall online demos thanked Kazako but said they are not impressed with the reduction on pay-as-you-go.

“We appreciate what the Minister has done and how he is standing with us, its shocking because we have never had a Minister standing with the people like this, but we cannot be fooled with what TNM has done. No one goes on the internet using pay-as-you-go. We buy data bundles and we want a reduction on that. That is our focus not what has been done. We use bundles for internet, not direct credit” Zubeir earlier told

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