Local face masks selling like hot-cake as corona virus cases escalate in Malawi

Another mans extremity is another mans opportunity especially in Malawi where the escalating of corona virus cases has advantaged tailors who are cashing in big profits through the selling of masks made from garments.

The face mask business boom has been boosted to lucrative levels with the mandatory use of the protective equipment in all shops and banks.

With the cheapest selling at K250 and the aristocratic ones going at as much as K1000, tailoring business has no competitor on the market.

As Alfred Ali, a tailor, puts it, the business is becoming profitable ever since its introduction.

“We can’t wish that the virus should prolong but with it’s presence we’re making a lot of money,” said Ali.

Tailors are common sights outside all premises where the use of face masks are mandatory.

Corona virus cases are rising at an alarming rate in the country as recent information indicated records passing 3000 mark with death toll hovering close to 70.

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