Airtel Malawi customers demand consumer protection on data charges

Customers of Airtel Malawi have described data charges by the mobile service provider as astronomical and unjustifiable.

In a letter dated July 18,2020 seen by Akometsi, addressed to Airtel Malawi, signed by the chairperson of the concerned Airtel network users, Zubeir Morta, the concerned subscribers feel that the company is stealing from them.

“It is with discontentment that we present our concerns on the bundles provided by your network,” reads the statement in part. “There are a number of issues that need correction as the users of the network feel robbed.”

The complaints come in light of a recent publication that vindicated Malawi as a country with the most punitive data charges in Africa.

They also come at a time Airtel Malawi profits have doubled as compared to the previous years.

This, according to the concerned subscribers, vindicates their claims that the telecommunications service provider is capitalizing on the poor Malawians.

“We therefore seek redress on the following;bundle priced,data billing system,limit internet access to bundles.The network provider has to address the customers on the issues and also give them guide on how best they can minimize the depletion of the date,” reads the complaint.

The concerned subscribers have, through their letter, expressed hope that their grievances will be addressed by the addresses urgently.

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