Airtel announces bundle reduction

Airtel Malawi has announced reduction of its internet costs, pay-as-you-go and internet bundles.

Announcing this, Airtel Chief Executive Officer, Charles Kamoto, says pay-as-you-go cost has gone down from K15 to K5 per MB.

Kamoto has also announced that eight other bundles have had volumes increased, with the popular WhatsApp 800MB bundle that cost K1000 increased to 1000 MB.

Quickly, here are the new prices:

K100 was 15mb now will give 25mb
K300 will now give 80mb
K600 will now give 175mb
K1000 WhatsApp will give 1gb
K560 will give 500mb

New prices will take effect on August 3.

Information Minister Gospel Kazako told last week that he will not celebrate until he hears from users. He however said the move by mobile operators is a good start.

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